Our concept is simple. Small Businesses need help in growing their brand and influence in the community without EXPENSIVE costs for traditional advertising and marketing. They want to be in control. We believe that supporting local small businesses require the engagement and collaboration of the business owners and then in turn sharing that activity to the community, the supporters to help navigate them to your businesses. Our site has TWO VIEWS.

The Entrepreneur View – Allows the small business owner to see content that is relevant to their business interests to know what other business owners are doing, new business owners in the neighborhood and the ability to connect, support and collaborate with other small business owners. 

The Supporter View – Allows the community, aka local supporters and shoppers who WANT to support local businesses, to view this activity presented through our dashboard which auto populates from the details entered and posted from the small business owners. 




As an early adopter of our community, Sign up as a FREE Small Business Member.  Add your small business profile to our community database and allow us to promote your business listing, events, projects and promotions to the community for you. Until now, small businesses lacked resources when it comes to connecting, collaborating and getting their businesses showcased. You are now in control of building your own individual and business influence in the community.

  • Post Grand Opening, Social & Business Events
  • Post Collaboration Projects for Others to Engage In
  • Post Your Business Announcements
  • Buy, Sell or Trade Services in our Community Marketplace
  • Submit Stories about your Business

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Why Should I Collaborate With My Peers?

Collaborating with others helps to make efficient use of your time spent on growing your network and business. Having the ability to see what others are working on and the potential to join has never been accessible. This insight helps to reduce the time spent on traditional networking when looking for business partnerships and collaborators.

Who Makes Up The Collabz Community?

Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Bloggers/Social Influencers, Speakers, Authors, Groups, Associations, Creatives and many more are all part of the "The Collaborative Community" that has an interest in collaborating with others.

Why Should I Join Collabz?

Collabz is our solution to the sharing economy for collaborative thinkers.  It's important to bring the small business community in, build a place where they can come together, share ideas, collaborate on concepts and events, and spark true engaged action. By collaborating with other brands & social influencers, you add to your personal and business brand.