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Meghan Enriquez, founder and CEO of True Conversations LLC www.true-conversations.com, is available to speak to a variety of audiences from youth to experienced professionals, about a topic that she believes will help us connect more effectively, compassionately and meaningfully in both our professional and private lives. That topic is transparency, why it is the key to better outcomes in every aspect of our lives and how to use it purposefully vs pitifully.

The mission of her company, True Conversations is to help you achieve a more peaceful and fulfilling life, through the exchange of hearing and having transparent, real, conversations that uplift and empower about the most stigmatized health, family and career issues of today.

Having spent 6 years directing an intervention for a multi million dollar clinical trial funded by the NIH at Johns Hopkins University, and a mother of two young children, this Millennial, Asian entrepreneur has had a diverse professional and personal experience in health care, research, education, corporate wellness, mental health, holistic medicine, community service, network marketing, leadership and business. She produces: a blog with multiple series from contributing authors, a weekly podcast on itunes, live local events, offers corporate training for Diversity and Inclusive as well as Leadership and Talent Management, in organizations and individualized consultation for speakers who want to ensure they are effectively connecting with their audiences by using transparency effectively.

Meghan serves as the President for Asian Business Collective for Women, the only Maryland based organization supporting and developing business leaders of Asian descent and who want to be doing business in the Asian markets.

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